Miranda House is one of the few colleges offering Physical Education as a Discipline Course for B.A. Programme. The course offers an understanding of the scope, aims, and objectives of Physical Education. It also imparts knowledge in the area of sports psychology, sports management, administration of physical education, rules and regulations of sports and games, and organization and reporting of events. Practical learning takes place through a wide range of activities related to what has been taught in the theory classes.

Students who have studied Physical Education as a Discipline in B.A. Programme as well as those from other disciplines who have excelled in sports and games can pursue a Bachelors Degree in Physical Education followed by the Masters, M.Phil and Ph.D. degree. This gives them an opportunity to work in Schools, Colleges, Fitness Centres, and in various sports organizations. The Sports Authority of India (SAI) provides ample opportunities for athletes to study in N.S.N.I.S. and become qualified coaches.