The Political Science Society is a vibrant space where students and faculty work together to broaden their knowledge base. Various events are organised based on student and faculty interest and initiative. These events include national seminars, interactive talks, paper presentations and workshops. A dedicated student union consisting of an elected President, Vice President and General Secretary plans and organises the events and are especially responsible for the annual festival of the society, Ecclesia. The Society also publishes its own magazine Vox Populi which includes articles written by both students and faculty on matters of contemporary political relevance. The magazine has a student editorial board which works through the year. The student union meets at regular intervals to plan the annual calendar of events and to provide feedback on events that have been organised earlier.

The society is also home to TULA, the consumer awareness club of the college. It has pioneered a consumer awareness movement across the University of Delhi. Every year TULA organizes an annual workshop on Consumer Awareness with various interactive sessions which draw participation from a large number of students and faculty. Some of these activities are in collaboration with the government and non-governmental agencies. TULA also runs its own magazine, Santulan on consumer issues.