The Department of Sociology offers an undergraduate three years Honours course that keeps students updated about latest developments in the discipline. It trains students to develop a 'sociological imagination' and to make connections between the private and the public domain. Equipped with these skills our students move on to successful postgraduate programmes such as social work, sociology, mass communication, human resource management, development studies, and law in the best universities all over the world. The Department has consistently been producing two or three University rank holders from each class every year.

Our students find placement in diverse fields such as the media, publishing houses, the corporate sector, the public sector, NGOs (national and international), research, and many other sectors related to development. The students of the Department have represented India at International Youth Exchange Forums, World Youth Forum and as UN volunteers.

Many well-known personalities in the media, academics, research, corporate sector, civil services, publishing industry, sports, and human right activists have been our students.