Mrs. Punam Behari, M.A. (Gold Medallist-University of Delhi), PG Diploma in iEcology and Environment; Associate Professor.
Area of interest: Urban and Population Geography
Specialisation: Population Geography
E-mail: punam.behari@mirandahouse.ac.in

Dr. Sudeshna Bhattacharya, M.A. (Calcutta) & M. Phil., Ph.D. (University of Delhi); Associate Professor.
Training: Computer Based Thematic Cartography (Ilinois University, USA)
PG Diploma in Ecology and Environment
Specialisation: Geomorphology
Area of interest: Physical Geography and Cartography
E-mail: Sudeshna.Bhattacharya@mirandahouse.ac.in


Ritu Ahlawat

Dr. Ritu Ahlawat,M.A. (Gold Medalist - University of Delhi), M. Phil. & Ph.D; Associate Professor and Associate NCC Officer of the college

Training: NNMRS-ISRO certificate course in Remote Sensing & GIS Application in Water Resources (IIRS, Dehradun) and training in Cropping System from ICAR; online course with distinction from American Museum of Natural History and The Pennsylvania State University. 
Recipient of First Young Geographer Award for presenting best research paper in 21st Indian Geography Congress, 2000;
Published research papers in various National and International Journals and open access online papers.
Member of several National & International Academic Bodies.
Specialisation: Water Resources
Area of interest: Physical Geography, Regional Planning and Cartography.
E-mail: ritu.ahlawat@mirandahouse.ac.in Webpage: http://people.du.ac.in/~rahlawat/




Dr. Rakhi Parijat, M.A., M. Phil. & Ph.D. (University of Delhi); Associate Professor
Training: Remote Sensing, Disaster Management and Experiential Education

Specialisation: Environmental Geography
Area of interest: Environment, Remote Sensing & Disaster Management.

Poonam Kumria
Dr. Poonam Kumria, M.A. & M. Phil. and Ph.D. (University of Delhi), M. Phil. (University of Oslo, Norway); Associate Professor
Training: Certificate Course in Land Information System (IIRS, Dehradun)
Published Monograph on ‘Deforestation in Dehradun, India” (Norway, Center for Development and Environment) and a research paper in Annals of National Association of Geographers of India. Recipient of Young Geographer Award for presenting best research paper in 24th Indian Geography Congress, 2003.
Specialisation: Environmental Planning
Area of interest: Environment, Resources, Remote Sensing & GIS.
E-mail: poonam.kumria@mirandahouse.ac.in

Anindita Sarkar


Dr. Anindita Sarkar , M.A., M.Phil (J.N.U.), Ph.D (Geography) J.N.U.; Assistant Professor
Training: Certificate Course on' Remote Sensing & GIS' conducted at Regional Remote Sensing Service Centre (RRSSC), Jodhpur, under National Natural Resource Management System (NNRMS) under the aegis of Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
Published articles in journals. Member of several academic professional bodies.
Specialization: Agriculture Geography and Regional Development
Area of interest: Agriculture, Natural Resource Management,
Remote Sensing & GIS
E-mail: anindita.sarkar@mirandahouse.ac.in

Anindita Sarkar


Dr. Monika Vij, M.A., M. Phil. & Ph.D. (University of Delhi),Post-Doctoral Fellow(ICSSR);Associate Professor
Training: NNRMS Certificate course in Remote Sensing and GIS from IIRS Dehradun and MAPGIS course from Pentasoft Technologies New Delhi. Published articles in national journals and three edited books. Member of several academic professional bodies.
Specialization: Urban and Regional Planning
Area of interest: Remote Sensing &GIS, Rural development
E-mail: monika.vij@mirandahouse.ac.in
Anindita Sarkar


Dr. Bashabi Gupta, M.A.(Univ, of London), M.Sc. (Calcutta University), M. Phil. & Ph.D. (J.N.U.); Assistant Professor
Training: NATMO Certificate Course in Remote Sensing and GIS, PG Diploma in Rural Development (IGNOU Univ)
Specialization: Remote Sensing & GIS, Social Geog & Development Studies
Area of interest: Development Studies, Gender, Natural Resource Management, Synthesis of Science & Technology in Social Sciences
E-mail: bashabi.gupta@mirandahouse.ac.in

Dr. Priyanka Puri

Dr. Priyanka Puri , M.A.(Geography), M. Phil.(Geography),B.Ed. (University of Delhi) & Ph.D. ( University of Delhi ); Assistant Professor
Specialization: Urban (Sustainable Cities), Audio-Visual Education
Area of interest: Urban Studies,Medical Geography & GIS

Support Staff

Dr. Praveen Mishra, M.A. (University of Delhi); Ph.D. (HNB Garhwal Univ); Cartographic Assistant

Training in Remote Sensing and GIS from NRSA and IIRS,
Department of Space, Ministry of Defense, Govt. of India.
E-mail: mishra.geo@gmail.com

Mr. Vinod Prasad, Senior Secondary
Lab Attendant