Dr. Srimanjari

Faculty has specialized in the History of Modern India. She holds a Ph.D from Department of History, University of Delhi. She was granted the British Academy Visiting Fellowship in 2000 to work on ‘Identity Formation, Perceptions and Crisis Conditions: Bengal, 1939-1945’. She has contributed to the preparation of educational material for the SCERT and IGNOU. She is the author of ‘Through War and Famine: Bengal 1939-45 (Hyderabad: Orient Blackswan, 2009).


Dr. Bharati Jagannathan

Specialises in Ancient Indian History and is working on religious traditions in early medieval Tamil Nadu.


Ms. Madhu

A specialist in Modern Indian History, is interested in Dalit and Gandhian studies.


Dr. Snigdha Singh

Also a specialist in Ancient Indian History, is working towards her doctorate on gender issues.

Ms. Sneh Jha

Is a specialist in Medieval Indian History, and has critically examined the Babarnama.

Dr. Radhika Chadha

Also a Medieval Indian historian, has worked on the Portuguese presence in Bengal in the late medieval period.

Dr. Kamini Kumar Das