Dr. Jayashree Pillai, Ph.D. (Delhi), M. Phil (Delhi), M. A (Delhi).
Dr. Pillai specializes in Public administration,Governance and Management and Indian Government and Politics. She was awarded ICSSR doctoral fellowship to conduct her Ph.D. Her other areas of interest are Consumer Affairs, Child Rights & Environmental issues. She has visited Universities in Sweden, Canada & Australia & participated in various educational programmes.She was associated with CSDS for three years. She has participated in several workshops and delivered lectures at IIPA, New Delhi.

Dr. Purnima Roy, PhD,M.Phil,M.A., Delhi University

She teaches Global Politics.Her area of specialisation is International Relations,International Political Economy particularly African Political Economy.She has been awarded Commonwealth Scholarship.She is also involved in education of children of marginalised families in Delhi.

Dr. Bijayalaxmi Nanda, PhD, J.N.U. M.Phil Delhi University , M.A Utkal University
She Specializes in Poltical Theory and Gender Studies. Her publications include Human Rights Gnder & Environment and Understanding Social Inequality .She is a receipient of ICSSR Doctral Fellowship.She is involved with feminist Research and Activism

K.K. Subha
Ms. Kusuma Krishna Subha, M.Phil (J.N.U.), M.A. (J.N.U.)
Her areas of interest are Political Theory and Indian Government and Politics. Presently, she is pursuing her doctoral course at JNU on the subject of Politics of Telangana.

Dr. Namrata Singh, Ph.D (Mumbai), M.A (Patna)

Her specialization is Public Administration and she has worked on the changing role of the higher civil servants in India. She has worked extensively on Fifth Pay commission’s recommendations. She  is currently working on Feminist Public Administration.


Ms. Hena Singh, M.Phil (Delhi), M.A (Delhi).

An alumna of Miranda House, Hena Singh specializes in Western Political Thought and Political Theory. She is actively associated with Gender related issues. Currently she is working on a Comparative Study of the Liberal and Socialist Perspectives on Feminism. She worked as a research associate in the writing of ‘History of the University Grants Commission’.




Ms. Pushpa Singh, M.Phil (Delhi), M.A (Delhi).

Pushpa specializes in Human Rights Discourses. She is currently teaching a course in Comparative Politics and Human Rights, Gender and Environment. As a fellow of DCRC Pushpa is actively engaged in its activities. Her area of interest is in political Theory, Western Political Thought, gender studies and human rights issues. She has contributed a chapter on 'Changing Nature of partySystem in India' in the book Contemporary India co-edited by Prof. NeeraChandhoke and Praveen Priyadarshi (Pierson, 2009).


Ms. Sonali Chitalkar

Sonali Chitalkar is pursuing Ph.D. from National University of Educational Planning and Administration.The area of her research is Public Policy in Regions  of Political Conflict.Her areas of interest apart from this are Indian Political Thought and  International Relations.


Dr. Rajni Kumari, Ph.D. (University of Delhi), M.Phil (University of Delhi), M.A (University of Delhi).

Her areas of specialization are: Elementary Education Polices, Basic Education and Gandhian Studies. She has been recipient of Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) awarded by University Grants Commission (UGC) for her doctoral dissertation. She is currently working on BhartiyaMazdoorSangh (BMS). Her book “Elementary Education Policy for Human Security” is going to be published soon by Laxmi Publications Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi.

Dr. Skylab Sahu, Ph. D ( Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore )

Dr. Skylab Sahu is currently working as Assistant Professor in the department of Political Science, Miranda House, University of Delhi.  She has completed her Ph.D. from Institute for Social and Economic Change (ISEC), Bangalore. Her areas of interest cover political theory, comparative politics, and gender studies. She has published her research articles in edited books and several refereed journals like Sociological Bulletin, Journal of Health Management, Indian Journal of Political Science, Indian Journal of Social Work, etc. She has also written a book titled "Gender, Sexuality, and HIV/AIDS: Exploring Politics of Women’s Health in India”, published by Sage.

Rashmi Gopi
Dr. Rashmi Gopi, Ph. D. , M. Phil. (University of Delhi )

Rashmi Gopi has done her graduation, post-graduation, M. Phil and Ph. D in Political Science from University of Delhi. She has immense interest in issues of Gender. Her special focus has been on the question: how both masculinity and femininity are constructed in a given context and how they are being used as tools of both empowerment and oppression. She has done specialization in Gender Studies (Masculinity studies). Her other interest areas are Political Theory and Theories in International Relations. She has published articles in international and national journals on varied subjects like Masculinity and Nation: A study of Gandhi and Savarkar, Ayurveda Tourism and Masculinity in Contemporary Kerala, Ragging as gendered violence in educational institutions and The Arab-Israeli conflict and the UN.

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