Zoology provides a deep understanding of the structure, behaviour and evolution of animals by using molecular and systems biology approach. It has wide applications in environment, industry, pharmacology, forensic as well as clinical sciences. The Department runs two add-on courses Medical Biotechnology, and Bioinformatics and in silico Medicine which introduce students to the current concepts, practices and goals of the respective disciplines. Interested students can also do in-house research projects at the DS Kothari Centre for Research and Innovation in Science Education, and Open Source Drug Discovery Centre, being run at the college. The Department Society Synapse organizes a number of academic activities such as lectures by esteemed scientists, debates, quizzes and visits to various institutions, Zoological parks and other sites. The Society also publishes its annual magazine Evolvere, which incorporates creatively written articles from students and teachers. The Department also receives grants under DBT State College Scheme and is involved with a University of Delhi Innovation Project.