• Miranda House is stands committed to resolving problems faced by applicants promptly and effectively.
  • Grievance complaint, if any, may be sent email to: admission.grievance@mirandahouse.ac.in and principal@mirandahouse.ac.in or letter addressed to the Principal.

Members of Grievance Committee

Name & Designation Email Contact No.
Dr. Janaki Subramanyan
Bursar, Department of Botany,
janaki.subramanyan@mirandahouse.ac.in 9868210169
Dr. Mallika Verma
Department of Physics
mallika.verma@mirandahouse.ac.in 9811143326
Dr. Nisha Bala Tyagi
Department of Philosophy
nisha.balatyagi@mirandahouse.ac.in 9350106376
Dr. Reena Kannojiya
Department of Philosophy
reena.kannojiya@mirandahouse.ac.in 9811445013
Ms. Senganglu Thaimei
Department of English
senganglu.thaimei@mirandahouse.ac.in 9818374862
Dr. Rashmi Gopi
Department of Political Science
rashmi.gopi@mirandahouse.ac.in 8588042375
Ms. Seema Rani
Department of Sanskrit
seema.rani@mirandahouse.ac.in 9999847810